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Titan Time Overview

Titan Time at PHS

What is it?:

Titan Time is a 30 minute enrichment block to allow students to enhance learning during the school day

  • Can be used to get extra help, to make up work, or to further one’s studies in a particular area
  • Meant to help students in an ever busy world by creating flexible time during the school day for things that they may not have time to do after school.

When is it?:

Titan Time is after third block from 10:21-10:51.

Titan Time Scheduling:

Each Monday, all students report to their Advisory during Titan Time

  • Students will log into Enriching Students, our scheduling software
  • Once logged in, students will be able see their schedule for the week - teachers will have already logged in prior to each Monday’s session to request students for certain days of the week.
  • If students have days for which they are not scheduled, students will work with their Advisors to discuss where they can go to create a full schedule for the week.
  • Mondays are the only days students will report to Advisory so that they can get the week’s schedule

Tuesday - Friday, students report directly to their scheduled teacher (and NOT to their Advisory)

Students wishing to have more control of their schedule can proactively talk with the teachers the week before they want to see them during Titan Time. There is a “request” feature within the software as well that students can use.  The library, the gymnasium, guidance, and other areas will be available for students to select if they are “unassigned” on a given day.  Students should be sure to work with their Advisor to schedule them to those places on Monday only IF THERE ARE “OPEN” DAYS ON THEIR SCHEDULE.


  • All students must report to the classrooms to which they are scheduled - attendance is taken
  • All students must participate in Titan Time. Staying in Advisory is not an option
  • Titan Time is NOT a study hall.
  • Students cannot ask the Advisor to change their weekly schedule. Flexibility does exist if there are openings in their weekly schedule.